ULT Freezer Performance Testing for Lexicon
Jan 05, 2012

ULT Freezer Performance Testing for Lexicon

Two units of Esco’s Lexicon® Ultra-low Temperature Freezer were tested by Design Services Network, a UL third party test lab under Emerson Climate Technologies, USA. The purpose of the project was to determine the performance of the units by conducting a series of tests according to a customized plan. The test standards, where applicable, were followed in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE 72-2005 and ARI 1200-2006/2008. The types of tests performed were BOT (Bottom Out Temperature Test), BTU Reserve Test, Energy Consumption Test, and Warm-up Time Test.

Based on the test results, the Lexicon Ultra-low Temperature Freezer surpasses 5 major competitors’ performance, with its low energy consumption, extended warm-up time, and large reserve capacity. This guarantees that Lexicon ULT freezers provide superior performance and ensures reliability beyond competitor brands.


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